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22.1_Trigger_Happy_200px.jpgTRIGGER HAPPY
    You may have heard the words ‘dry needling’ being used around your training squads recently and are wondering what all the fuss is about. Toby Glennon from SportsMyo has some answers. Dry needling is the term used for
22_1_Getting_to_Kona_200px.jpgGetting To Kona - The Framework
  Inspired by Kona? Keen to join the ranks of athletes who battle it out on the Big Island? Coach, Kristian Manietta, shares his wisdom. You have big aspirations to punch that ticket to the Big Island. It’s an admirable
21.5_Clinic_swimmer_200px.jpgThe Art Of Training
Often when we’re training or racing, we become so focused on technique and speed that we forget about the greatest tool at our disposal: our breath. Pete Lever of TriSpecific talks us through some beneficial breathing habits for the swim,
Tri20.9_TransitionBike_200px.jpgCycling session with Pete Jacobs
Power On 2012 World Ironman Champion Pete Jacobs shares his self-devised strength building cycle session. A couple of weeks ago I made up a session to incorporate some strength and tempo efforts. On a gentle gradient (I used the hill
20.7_Program_Performance_200px.jpgProgramming Your Performance
As triathletes we are all concerned with increasing our performance, but how far you get in this sport may be more in your control than you think. When it comes to triathlon, genetics only matter when all else is equal.
Performance_20.6_Thumb_200px.jpgBEHAVIOUR CHANGE
You can’t change the weather or your fellow competitors, but you can change your behaviour. Kristian Manietta explains why looking within is the best way to achieve your goals. You can’t control the outcome. What you can do, however, is
Tim Berkel ThumbTransition with Tim Berkel
On A Roll Multiple Ironman champion and winner of Ironman Western Australia in 2008, Tim Berkel has spent time fine-tuning his training at altitude in Boulder, Colorado. Here, he shares a hill run session designed to build endurance. Tim’s  training
Luke McKenzie ThumbTransition with Luke McKenzie
Gear Up For Race Day A triathlete from an early age, Luke McKenzie currently divides his training time between Queensland’s Noosa Heads and the USA. He has raced in Busselton numerous times and placed third at Ironman Western Australia in
Swim ThumbTransition with Michelle Bremer
Power Up New Zealand native and former physiotherapist Michelle Bremer began racing as a professional in August 2011 and won Ironman Western Australia later that year. Here, she shares a powerful swim session.   Michelle’s training session Warm up: 600m
Peter Reid THUMBSessions from Kona Champs: Fast Finish
DOB: 27 May 1969 Nationality: Canadian Lives: Vancouver Island, Canada Current Job: Seaplane pilot Career Highlight: Three-time Ironman World Champion (2003, 2004 & 2005)   Peter Reid dominated triathlon courses in the late 1990s and early 2000s, winning a total
Michellie Jones THUMBSessions from Kona Champs: Iron Guide
AKA: MJ DOB: 6 September 1969 Height: 180cm Nationality: Australian Lives: San Diego, California Career Highlight: 2006 Ironman World Champion   She’s been called the best athlete in the world, male or female, and with wins across every distance – including a
Mind Games THUMBMind Games
You can train hard and often, but your biggest improvement will most likely come from venturing within. Kristian Manietta reveals how you can develop your mental game. You’ve heard it countless times, and maybe the saying has even passed your
Brendan Sexton THUMBKung Fu Runner
AKA: Kung Fu DOB: 6 August 1985 Height: 172cm Nationality: Australian BORN: Maitland, NSW LIVES: Melbourne, VIC Through courage and determination, Brendan ‘Kung Fu’ Sexton recovered from major injury and a serious head on training crash in 2010 to go
Emma Moffatt THUMBRun Faster With Fartlek
AKA: Moffy DOB: 7 September 1984 Height: 171cm Nationality: Australian Lives: Gold Coast, QLD Fave Discipline: Run Twenty-eight year old Emma Moffatt already has one Olympics under her belt, having earned herself a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics. Here,
Courtney Atkinson THUMBRiding For Gold
AKA: Akco DOB: 15 August 1979 Height: 176cm Nationality: Australian BORN: Mackay, QLD Lives: Gold Coast, QLD   Courtney Atkinson took up triathlon at the age of 15 and the following year won his first junior national title. In 2012
Erin Densham THUMBFast And Flexible
AKA: Buttons DOB: 3 May 1985 Height: 165cm Nationality: Australian Lives: Melbourne, AUS Biggest vice: Procastinating   Erin Densham is one determined lady having already represented Australia in 2008 in the Beijing Olymjpics. Add to that the titles of U23
Brad Kahlefeldt THUMBTaking A Dive
AKA: Sticksy DOB: 27 July 1979 Height: 183cm Nationality: Australian Lives: Gold Coast/Wagga Wagga Fave Food: Banana pancakes   Brad Kahlefeldt currently ranks as one Australia’s best ever triathletes. He has won Commonwealth gold, podiumed over 20 times and is
Emma Jackson THUMBWater Workout
AKA: Em, Jacko, Sleepy DOB: 20 August 1991 Height: 162cm Nationality: Australian Born: Brisbane, AUS Fave Discipline: Run   Emma’s passion for sport began in the swimming pool at the age of six. This experience gave her an early insight
Post Ironman Recovery THUMBPost Ironman Recovery
You’ve just completed a pretty big race, or you are about to. You’ve spent months developing sweat equity for your big day so you can race to your potential (or simply finish). For some, Ironman is a one-time bucket list
What to eat THUMBWhat to Eat And When
  Tailoring Your Diet for Maximum Performance   There are so many contradictory theories about the perfect training diet, how do you choose the best one for you? On the start line of any triathlon you will see a lot
Karen Smyers THUMBSessions from Kona Champs: The Long Haul
DOB: 1 September 1961 Nationality: American Born: Corry, Pennsylvannia Lives: USA Career Highlight: Three-time Ironman World Champion (1990, 1995 & 1996), 2009 Triathlon Hall of Fame   Three-time World Ironman Champ Karen Smyers has come back from two serious accidents