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Pink8_Training_Sprint_swim_200px.jpgSPRINT STYLIN' Smashing it Out
1. Integrate transition practice into your training. People often forget about transitions and lose a lot of time in races by not doing them efficiently. This is an area where
Pink5_Bek_Hoschke_200px.jpgBike Lingo
Have you ever walked into a bike shop and felt like the staff were speaking another language? Well, we're here to clear up the bike lingo so that next time
Pink4_Run2_200px.jpgThe Science Of Running
Understanding what is happening to our bodies as we run is vital for preventing injury and improving performance. Running Biomechanics Knowledge of running biomechanics can be beneficial to athletes and
Pink4_Run1_200px.jpgNeed For Speed
Inject some speed work into your regular running sessions for amazing results on race day. So it’s that time of the year again. Your first race is just around the
Pink4_Bike2_200px.jpgBike Essentials
Finding the perfect bike for you is only the beginning. We take a look at the accessories you should consider for a safer, more comfortable, and more efficient ride.  So
Pink4_Bike_200px.jpgImprove Your Bike Split
Are your legs more like matchsticks than power pumping pistons? Read on, and discover how to transform your bike leg from lame to legendary. A weak bike leg not only
Pink4_swim3_1_200px.jpgEight Tips To Putting On A Wetsuit
Choosing a wetsuit is like buying a bike, it needs to be fitted to you and refined correctly to ensure maximum comfort and optimum performance on race day. Wetsuit Fit
Pink4_Swim2_200px.jpgChloe McCardle
Get to know marathon swimmer and multiple English Channel crosser Chloe McCardle, her training regime and future goals. Australian Triathlete: How many times have you completed the Channel crossing? Chloe
Pink4_swim_200px.jpgTOWARDS OPEN WATER
One of Australia’s top female marathon swimmers, Chloe McCardle has successfully crossed the English Channel six times and now has her sights set on being the first Australian to complete
Bike Session THUMBBike Session
One of our cover girls on the previous Pink Edition, Belinda Granger certainly knows how to handle a bike. She regularly dominates the bike legs in Ironman and 70.3 distances
Run Session THUMBRun Session
In 2010 Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae landed Ironman’s Holy Grail, winning the World Championship and breaking the run course record she set the previous year. Last year she finished second and
Swim Session THUMBSwim Session
Kate Bevilaqua is a champion triathlete with numerous Ironman and Half Ironman victories to her name and a reputation for going the distance at any cost. In 2010 she famously