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Pink8_Nutrition_GI_Cramps_200px.jpgThe G.O. with G.I.
  Some triathletes may experience gastrointestinal (GI) issues as a result of endurance training and racing. So what are the causes, and how do you keep your gut in good health? Steph Gaskell from Sports Dietitians Australia gives AT the
Pink5_charlotte_mcshane_200px.jpgA Herbivore For Sure - The Vegetarian Triathlete
Originally hailing from Scotland, ITU athlete Charlotte McShane landed on Australian soil in 2005, and joined the ITU scene in 2010. As a vegetarian athlete she is particularly in tune with her body’s needs, making sure she meets all her
Cooking with Belinda THUMBCooking with Belinda Granger
One of professional triathlete Belinda Granger’s favourite meals is the Mango Sticky Rice found on the breakfast buffet at the Banyan Tree Resort in Phuket – her home away from home during the Laguna Phuket Tri-Fest. This year, by request, Belinda
Boost your diet THUMBBoost Your Diet
You might be training the house down but if you are neglecting your diet not only will your performance be compromised but so too will your energy levels, weight, well-being and mental alertness. Vicky Kuriel explains which super foods you