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22_2_Nutrition_200px.jpgSPORTS DRINKS DIGESTED
  With so many sports drinks out there, it can be tricky working out which one best suits your needs. Advanced Sports Dietitian Alison Patterson shares her know-how. Bamboozled by the range of sports drinks available on the market? Although
22_1_Disordered_Eating_200px_1.jpgDisordered Eating - When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far
  With so much info out there about ‘healthy’ eating, it can be tricky to digest it all properly. Accredited Sports Dietitian and Director of Body Positive Australia, Fiona Sutherland, sheds light on the issue. For many people, the term
21.5_Nutrition_200px.jpgThe Extra Mile
If someone offered you a strategy that could see you break the four-hour mark for marathon would you take it? Well, carbohydrate loading might just be the answer.  AT enlists Sports Dietitians Australia to answer some of the most common
nitrate-max-drink_200px.jpgUPBEAT NitrateMax Drink
If you are looking to get an advantage over your fellow competitors or just improve your overall performance, then read on because we have found the product that just might get you to the finish line faster. Upbeat NitrateMax is
Ashliegh-Gentle-Endura-Tips_200px.jpgAshleigh Gentle’s Nutrition Tips
  1. Always make sure you have adequate nutrition for your workouts. On a few occasions when I was younger and started to do longer rides, I learnt the hard way after not taking in enough glucose that my muscles
Iron_Deficiency_Thumb_200px.jpgIRON DEFICIENCY
  Are you feeling lethargic or like your latest race or training session wasn’t up to scratch? AT’s nutrition guru Vicky Kuriel irons out the reasons why you might be feeling this way. Did you know that iron deficiency is
Nutrition Blunders Thumbnail 2Nutrition Blunders
As an avid triathlete there are a number of sacrifices that you make for your sport. Early to bed, early to rise, and endless hours spent training, programming and planning, to name but a few. Despite all these sacrifices, many
DEL_5592_THUMBFluid Intoxication
The science of hydration has been turned on its head and if you are racing long course triathlon it is in your best interests to be privy to this new information. Recent research indicates that endurance athletes should discredit any previous
Balancing act THUMBBalancing Act
If you see winter and the off-season as a threat to your dietary discipline, it’s time to shift your thinking and use the downtime between races as an opportunity to refocus and move forward. The off season is a chance
Going Paleo THUMBGoing Paleo: Should Triathletes Be Eating Like Cavemen?
A growing number of Australians are beginning to follow the dietary habits of our paleolithic ancestors, but is it worthwhile? The ‘paleo diet’ is characterised by foods that a hunter-gather would eat. Its foundations stem from our genetic make-up. Despite