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In From the Athletes

In from athletes THUMBNAIL

Time to get personal. We asked some top pros:

1) Who would play you in a movie based on your life, and what would it be called?
2) What is your pump up song of choice?



Aaron Royle

Jason Statham would play me in the movie of my life. The plot would be similar to the movie Crank where I would have to keep my adrenaline above a certain level to stay alive. I constantly have to engage in activities such as skydiving, big wave surfing, cliff jumping, wing suit flying, etc. I am fortunately able to rest at night by going into my anti-gravity chamber which allows me to rejuvenate without fatality. There are a few devices that can neutralise my need for adrenaline. These include my anti-gravity chamber and true love. The movie of my life incorporates a lot of action and a hint of romance – a surefire box office hit! It’s called Adrenaline Man.

My Dr. Dre Beats headphones keep me looking cool while providing me with my pre-event pump up music. Probably anything by Eminem would make my pump up playlist. Not Afraid is a good inspirational song about never being scared. 


Tim Reed

Actor? Danny Devito. Movie title? Rise of the Gnomes – the story of one gnome uniting his people to rise up against the tyranny of the tall.

Pump song: Rufus Wainwright’s Beautiful Child.


Bek Keat

Drew Barrymore would play me, Charlie’s Angels style. The title of my movie would be
How I Became Me. I have been through some very tough times, from “coming out”, to watching a mate die in a training ride accident. I overcame an inadvertent positive test soon after losing my Gran and then my Dad to a heart attack. More recently I lost my best friend to another bike accident. All of these tragedies have been turning points in my life and made me who I am – a fighter who is strong, determined, passionate and has a never-give-up attitude! Wow, that’s deep but that’s my life.

Pump song: Pink’s Raise Your Glass.


Peter Kerr

As much as I’d like to say they’ve made it already with Jude Law in Alfie, or Jason Statham
(a fellow balding male) in Snatch, I’d probably be better played by Jim Parsons as a skinny lanky guy in a movie called Coffee for obvious reasons –
I love coffee!

Pump song: Amazing by Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy – a seriously good pump up song.


Nicole Ward

This is a very tricky question. I asked Bern
[Nic’s husband] for his thoughts and he said the movie based on my life would be called Legally Blonde so I guess that means Reese Witherspoon would play me. I think the fact that I have a professional working career as well as being a triathlete and a past as a party girl would probably tie it all together. Reese is a little bit too girly and goody two shoes for me though so maybe we could change the actress to Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz.

Pump song: I have a really cool playlist of dance tracks that I listen to before a race so my pump up song changes all the time. My current fave would be Let’s Go by Calvin Harris.



Annabelle Luxford

My movie title would be Odd Encounters and Milkshakes. I often seem to find myself in random, odd and awkward situations, and I love milkshakes.

Kristen Wigg – the girl from Bridesmaids – could play me. She often plays characters in awkward situations who can laugh at themselves. At the
end of the day, most things are OK if you can
laugh about them.

For my pump up song, I love U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name.



Ashleigh Gentle

Can Cameron Diaz please play me character in a movie of my life? She seems like an adventurous, independent and athletic character that is a little more down to earth then the usual Hollywood gal. The title of my movie would be anything but a play on words with “Gentle”!

My boyfriend has a strong passion for music and one of us always has something playing. He is into all different sorts of metal, some very mellow. Before Noosa I was enjoying Halluicgenia III, The Emerald Tablet by Horseback which is electroacoustic/psychedelic/trance metal. That might sound quite strange but it’s a very relaxing instrumental song. 


Brendan Sexton

Jean Claude Van Damme would star as Brendan Sexton in the biopic Maitland Mauler: The Kung Fu Story. It’s a story of a young man with dreams of becoming the most formidable triathlete the world has ever seen. Struggling through the hardships of the Maitland (where I’m from in NSW) ghettos where he had to knife fight in the street to win his first road bike and slowly climbing the ladder of the martial arts crime gangs, he finally gets his break after offering his only gel to gang sensei after bonking on the bike in the annual Maitland Nunchaku Triathlon, the battleground for gang supremacy. He is still side kicking his way towards his dream.

For the pump up song I’ve got a solid list I could name but one that never fails to get me going is Chase the Sun by Planet Funk. It’s also the theme for The World Series of Darts – I’m still undecided if I’m happy about this or not.



Pete Jacobs

Toby Maguire could play me. I picked Toby because he got fit enough to play a superhero so he could probably get in shape to play me (haha!). He was also in Sea Biscuit, which is a great story about trying and succeeding with a different approach. My movie would be called Less Is More. It took me several years of believing I needed to train as much as my peers to beat them before I realised I needed to train less.

My pump up song is Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got The Love.



Felicity Sheedy-Ryan

The name of my movie would be: Better Late Than Never. Let’s just say time management is not my strong point! In this universe there is “real” time and there is “Flick” time. I even started triathlons late. I figure it’s always better get the job done than not at all, although I’m still waiting for this principle to apply to my height! I’d say someone like Cameron Diaz could fill the role. At least I’d look good doing it!

My favourite pump up song would have to be Galvanise by the Chemical Brothers.



Clayton Fettell

Hard, hard question. I will go with Christian Bale. I like how he puts himself in character with mood and physical image, even enduring severe weight fluctuations for the role – it’s like picking a race and preparing for it. The name of the movie would be Front Runner because obviously triathlon is a large part of my life and to be out in front racing – there really is no better feeling.

My pump up song at the moment would be Calvin Harris and Florence and the Machine –
Sweet Nothing. Great party starter and certainly helps with the visualisation part of triathlon that I use every day.



Mel Hauschildt

Ruby Rose would play my character in my movie titled Thoughts Become Things. I’ve chosen this title because my running and now triathlon career all came about after a “thought”. When I was 11 I thought I could be the best runner in the world. I believed in this and I did some amazing “things”. I had some rough times and I lost sight of this thought. My positive thought changed to negative and so negative ‘things’ started to happen. The mind is powerful and “thoughts become things” so choose the right ones.

I’ve chosen Ruby to play my character because she is fun, fit, active and a little crazy. I might
just need to erase some of her tattoos.

My pump up song is Some Nights by Fun.

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