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Product Review /// Eyeline Waterproof Headphones

Eyeline Waterproof HeadphonesH2Oaudio Interval Waterproof Headphone System


If solo swim sessions don’t excite you, the Interval Waterproof Headphone System may just lift those motivation levels with the ability to have your favourite playlist thumping away as you swim. The Interval is designed for the iPod Shuffle®, so you don’t have to worry about managing playlists on multiple MP3 players.

The Interval consists of a compact waterproof housing which snugly fits an iPod Shuffle® 4th gen and inbuilt Surge 2G waterproof headphones. The housing measures ~5x5.5x2 cm, and ~20 cm of wire separates each earbud from the housing, which is ample length to let the buds sit in your ears with the Interval positioned at the back of your head using the integrated goggle loops. Your iPod Shuffle® is protected by a watertight seal controlled by a small single clasp mechanism (effective to 3.6m underwater).

Before embarking on your first swim with the Interval, you’ll need to complete the watertight
test as detailed in the supplied instructions. It’s also worth investing time at the pool to find
your optimal setup, where you can consider:

Housing position:

Low or high on the back of your head.

Earbud selection:

Six sizes are supplied – a watertight seal and crisp music quality will indicate a good fit.

Headphone wire position:

You may tuck the wire in your cap or let it hang below.

Once you’ve found the best fit for you, it’s time to get on with swimming!   

For waterproof headphones, sound quality is surprising good; well balanced and decent bass – it far surpassed this tester’s expectations. While the earbuds create a watertight seal, the bubbling sound of the water can still be heard in the background as you swim. Only when swimming underwater does sound quality deteriorate.

While specifically designed for swimming, the Interval may also fit some caps/visors too, making it the perfect companion to other water-based activities like kayaking. Or if you regularly run in wet and/or humid conditions and worry about moisture damage to your electronics, the Interval may be the perfect solution. For $150, the Interval is a quality investment for those looking to add some extra motivation to their swim sessions or other aquatic adventures!

RRP $150

(iPod Shuffle® NOT included, designed for
the iPod shuffle® 4th gen)