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21_9_bottles_and_Holders_200px.jpgPRODUCT REVIEW - BTA bottles and Holders
  Although not specifically a new innovation in triathlon, between the arm (BTA) bottles and their associated holders have become considerably more popular in recent times. Whether short course or long course, triathletes are starting to opt for this method
21.6_Tri Products
Brooks Glycerin 12 The new Glycerin 12 is every neutral runners dream. The new full length Super DNA midsole offers you 25 per cent more cushioning than that of the previous model. Add to that the introduction of IDEAL Pressure
TriProducts_20.6_Tumb_200px.jpgTRI PRODUCTS 20.6
01 Zurich 2 Piece Men Tri Suit The Zurich Tri Jersey and knicks are a match made in heaven. Streamline sublimated designs that will never fade, crack or peel, the Zurich is made with performance in mind. Moisture wicking, anti-bacterial
infinityInfinity Health Monitoring Headphones and App.
Infinity Health Monitoring Earphones is a world first breakthrough in fitness technology for triathletes. The data sensor technology inside the earphones leverages the natural physiology of the ear to track real-time biometrics that are blue toothed to your smartphone for display. Patented
Tri-Products-Thumb 20.2Tri Products
ANTIOX SNACK BARS Give the gift of immunity and deliciousness this Christmas! Antioxidants work to neutralise the free radicals that cause ill health within the body. Athletes require a greater intake of these antioxidants because of the stress imposed on
Tri-Products-ThumbTRI Products – Gear & Gadgets
Give yourself an edge on the swim, bike and run. Elite athletes, seasoned age groupers and newbies alike will find plenty here to help improve performance and aid recovery. ORCA/ORBEA 226 Tri Tank Nano cool body, anti bacterial and fast
If-the-suit-fits-ThumbIf the Suits Fits
There’s nothing like the smell of neoprene in the morning. Craig McKenzie tests five super suits from the main players in the Australia’s wetsuit market. The suits I tested were all top of the line suits from 2XU, Blue Seventy,
Book Review Craig Alexander ThumbnailBook Review /// As the Crow Flies: My Journey to Ironman World Champion
  While we highly recommend indulging in your favourite caffeine fix whilst flicking through the pages of Craig Alexander’s book As The Crow Flies, we want to stress that this is so much more than a coffee table book. It’s
NB ThumbnailProduct Review /// Road Runner
New Balance – Baddeley M890  What do you look for in a running shoe? Is it something familiar? What’s trending? The name? A product that sparks curiosity? Or does it simply come down to what is on sale at the time
Eyeline Waterproof Headphones w200pxThumbProduct Review /// Eyeline Waterproof Headphones
H2Oaudio Interval Waterproof Headphone System   If solo swim sessions don’t excite you, the Interval Waterproof Headphone System may just lift those motivation levels with the ability to have your favourite playlist thumping away as you swim. The Interval is
Tri Product, Huub wetsuits THUMBTRI Products
PURESPORT WORKOUT & RECOVERY DRINK PureSport is a great tasting electrolyte, carbohydrate and protein performance drink that replaces lost electrolytes and restores fuel during training and racing over all distances. PureSport Recovery helps repair muscles and accelerates the replacement and