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We’re all a little nostalgic when it comes to the old days. We always vowed never to sound like Granddad - ‘In my day’, ‘When I was a boy' - but we all do.   Life before the 24-7 , 360 degree communication seemed a whole lot simpler. I was a scholar of my trade from a young age. Every Tuesday I’d devour
MBK_IMNZ14_200px.jpgWords from the wise - Ironman NZ
Gearing up to take on your first iron-distance event in the next few days/weeks/months? Make like a sponge and soak up this wisdom, shared by previous Ironman New Zealand champions Cameron Brown and Meredith Kessler in the lead up to this year’s event. Previous Ironman New Zealand winners Meredith Kessler and Cameron Brown offered up some very useful advice for
22_2_Tim_Don1_200px.jpgTIM DON IS GOOD
  The UK’s Tim Don watched Kona with a keen eye this year – and for good reason. By then he had all but guaranteed his entry for the 2015 Ironman World Championship with a win at the 2014 Ironman Mallorca (his debut at the distance) and third at the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championship. Anyone aware of Don’s incredible ITU
Verity_Race_day_image5_200px.jpgVerity's Diary – Challenge MELBOURNE; Shenanigans of a deputy
  Deputy Editor Verity Russo reports on the unfolding of her very first half iron-distance event, Challenge Melbourne. There are remnants of tattoo on my arm and a sneaky category letter on the back of my right calf that escaped my attention. And every time I take a swig from my drink bottle, I get a hint of lemon-lime gel
Verity_blog6_image_200px.jpgVerity’s diary *Guest Entry* – reflections from her coach, Craig Percival
  When I first started coaching Verity some six-odd weeks ago, her primary concern was managing the swim leg of Challenge Melbourne. What I remember from our first open water session was not Verity’s swim stroke (she actually swam quite well in the open water) but her preoccupation with shark attacks in Port Phillip Bay. Off the top of her
Verity_Blog5_200px.jpgVerity's Diary – *Guest Entry* Challenge Melbourne 2015 - A Sports Dietitian's Perspective
  I first met Verity in the clinic, bright and early on Thursday 11th December 2014. Earlier that week I was approached by Australian Triathlete Magazine about providing nutrition support to Verity, who was in training for her very first half iron-distance event, Challenge Melbourne, in February 2015. As a Sports Dietitian my big passion is nutrition for triathlon, including
veritys_blog4_TriSeriesRace3_200px.jpgVerity's Diary: Race practice with Start to Finish
  So. Two weeks to go. Well, 11 days if we’re being specific. I try not to be. “When’s your race again?” people ask. “Oh, not till February” I say, as if keeping things vague will somehow prolong the day of reckoning. But here we are. In the final fortnight. There’s still no drink bottle holder on my TT, I’m
veritys_blog3_dessert_200px.jpgVerity's Diary: The Trouble with Holidays
Committing to a structured training regime over the festive season is difficult. Finding the will to stay focused can certainly be a tough slog. What could possibly be wrong with 12 glorious days off? Twelve days of summer magnificence – warm days, balmy nights, Christmas feasting and beachside adventures? Sounds like the perfect chance to stop and recharge your batteries, right?
Liv_thumbVerity’s Diary: The right bike is wheely wheely important!
Deputy Editor, Verity, picked up her Liv Trinity this week and prepares herself for a roll on a TT bike for the first time as things start to get very real in the lead up to Challenge Melbourne. Many lessons to be learned along the way. I have to put this out there – I didn’t even know what a TT
verity_nutritionVerity's Diary: A Meating with Margs the Sports Dietitian
Deputy Editor, Verity, has been busy catching up with a variety of experts on her quest to completing her first half iron-distance. In her latest diary entry, she checks in with Accredited Sports Dietitian, Margaret Mielczarek of Fuel Right Nutrition. Back at primary school, lunchtime bartering was big business. All sorts of goodies could be exchanged depending on what you
22_2_ITU_hall_of_fame_200px.jpgITU Hall of Fame
1: Emma Carney and Greg Welch  are inducted into the ITU Hall of Fame. ITU racing has come a long way since it began back in 1989. Noel McMahon shares the stories of the seven legends recently welcomed into the first-ever ITU Hall of Fame. Most sports have long and distinguished histories – some even go back to the earliest civilisations.
Hall_family_200px.jpgA chat with the Hall Family
Tamzin and Bianca Hall on Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island       With less than two weeks to go until the annual Hamilton Island triathlon, we chat to the Andrew, Julia, Tamzin and Bianca Hall, who are returning to compete in the event for their second time.   Australian Triathlete: Take us back to the start. How did this love
21.6_Hedgland_Sister_200px.jpgSister Act - The Hedgeland Sisters
With their stunning 1-2 finish at the recent Australian Junior Triathlon Championships, attention is turning to Western Australia’s Hedgeland sisters. Noel McMahon gets to know the dynamic duo.   If having media smarts, being tech savvy, punctual, friendly and polite counts anyway towards being a professional athlete, then Western Australian triathlete siblings, Jaz and Kira Hedgeland are well on their
tritravelstef_200px.jpgThe Kona Diaries
This was my second time on the island and prior to last year I was watching it on the coverage I’d taped – or, more to the point these days, the coverage I’d downloaded and watched while forced to train indoors due to Melbourne’s inclement weather. I’ve watched the likes of Julie Moss help put triathlon on the map when she
Tri21.5_GrassRoots_200px.jpgBig Hearted Racer
54-year-old age grouper Kevin Fergusson has been on the triathlon circuit for more than 20 years and enjoyed his fair share of glory moments. This year he’s set himself the whopping goal of completing five Ironmans in the hope of raising 55,000 for cancer research. He tells AT why. AT:  You’ve decided to race for a cause this year, that
21.4_Steffen_200px.jpgSteffen and McCormack Team Up
  With the end of the TeamTBB era and Brett Sutton stepping away from coaching, we all wanted to know who Caroline ‘Xena’ Steffen would team up with next. In this AT exclusive, Steffen reveals that Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack will be her new coach, guiding her along the road back to Kona. AT editor, Stef Hanson, goes deep with mentor
Tri21.2_Crowie_200px.jpgA Coffee With Crowie
We sat down with one of the greatest triathletes Australia has ever produced, five time World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander, just weeks after he announced his retirement from iron-distance racing. Crowie reflects on a stellar career and plans for the future – but has he really raced his last Ironman? Well, I don’t know. It wasn’t a hasty decision. It was
20.8_Brendan Sexton_200px.jpgBlood Sweat and Tears
You’ve got to be a little nuts to be a triathlete, right? Brendan Sexton thinks so. Here, he shares a raw, open and honest account of the pain and hardship he’s faced head on in his career as a pro triathlete – and why he wouldn’t give it up for anything. If you’re reading this story, chances are that you or
20.7_Fettell_to_Metal_200px.jpgFETTELL TO THE METAL
Swim-bike sensation Clayton Fettell may be a young buck when compared to other top Aussies on the long course triathlon circuit, but in this interview with AT’s Holly Bennett, conducted on the heels of Ironman Melbourne, Fettell talks about the lessons he’s learning as he matures into his increasingly successful career. AT: You’re about to turn 27, so I’d still
20.6_GrassRoots_Thumb_200px.jpgGRASS ROOTS - William Maish
If you’ve ever let excuses stand in the way of achieving your goals, read on and be inspired by 20-year-old William Maish. He has battled a persistent medical condition since he was twelve, but that didn’t stop him travelling all the way to Abu Dhabi to take part in a triathlon that features on many bucket lists. It is pretty
History_rotto_200pxHistory of Triathlon
HOT RACE: Mandurah Triathlon Club members serving as volunteers on the run leg at the 1997 Rottnest Island Triathlon; In this brand new series we take a look at how the sport of triathlon has evolved in Australia. First up, Dr Jane Hunt reveals the rocky road that led to two beloved Busselton races. Long-running east coast triathlon traditions are
20.7_Cadence_Conundrum_200px.jpgTHE CADENCE CONUNDRUM
The notion that 90 revolutions per minute (rpm) is the optimal cadence in cycling gained traction when it was endorsed by Lance Armstrong, and the idea has since filtered into triathlon. This cadence is considered to be efficient on the bike and leading onto the run, but is this the case? Triathlon coach Matt Koorey shares his thoughts on cadence
Meet the Coach thumbMeet the Coach
A personal and program coach with Australia’s National High Performance program, Chris Lang coached triathletes across all levels and distances before signing on as Head Coach at Sheldon College. AT: What’s your background? I’ve had 15 years of experience planning, implementing and monitoring training programs from a swim school level through to junior, masters and elite squads. I’ve coached elite
The Crank DilemaThe Crank Length Dilema
What should you tri?   Triathletes come in all shapes and sizes, and we have access to a vast array of frame types and attachments, yet crank length varies so little. Why is this and is it affecting your riding? Craig McKenzie investigates. For many years the crank arms sold on most bikes have remained standard at 170-175mm. I thought
Words with Wilson ThumbWords with Wilson
Greetings Friends! It is with much gratification that I inaugurate a humble column on the hallowed pages of Australian Triathlete. Having dabbled in amateur word-smithing, to now share ink on this mag’s lauded parchment has me as chuffed as a cyclist with a late-ride tailwind. Indeed, my surprise at the offer to contribute my scribing skills to AT was only
Photo competition ThumbPhoto Competition
I went to Kona for the first time this year as a spectator and was overwhelmed with the entire experience. I walked around the end of transition to get a good spot to view the start of the swim. When the cannon went off, I had goosebumps on goosebumps! There was a bit of a wait until the athletes returned
Who is Peter Kerr Thumb 200pxWho is Peter Kerr?
Victorian native Peter Kerr seemed to come out of nowhere to win Noosa Triathlon this year. We shed some light on the boy from the south.   Past the infamous Bells Beach where Bodhi caught his last wave in one of the greatest films ever made, and past the “not so much” 12 Apostles, where busloads of tourists flock, you’ll
Bek_Keat_Thumb_200pxThe Keat Is On
This year saw a hat trick for Rebekah Keat, who won for the third time in Shepparton with a new course record. We find out how she marches to the Keat of her own drum.   A T: You’ve said that after Kona you’re usually mentally and physically exhausted, and you ordinarily shut down and rest after the World Championship.
Grass Roots - Cyrma Hearn ThumbnailGrass Roots – Cyrma Hearn
Three years ago Cyrma Hearn was tackling her first mini triathlon. This year she completed another incredible trifecta: taking on three World Championship races in a single season. We caught up with this inspiring age grouper to find out how she did it. Australian Triathlete: When did you find out you had qualified for three World Championships? Did you consider
On-the-road_thumbON THE ROAD
ON THE ROAD Maintaining your usual training routine while travelling can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Find out how to make the most of any environment while you’re away. I have said many times that success comes from maintaining a consistent schedule and that, in itself, is a disciplined undertaking. If you travel for work there is no doubt
Three Kings ThumbnailThe Three Kings
Ask these three who is the best and you will probably get a diplomatic answer – at least from two of them. But in their minds, the question would be answered before it was finished being asked. Their self-belief is unwavering. Anytime, anywhere, any distance – if they were on the start line, in their eyes they were the man to beat.
Pete Jacobs ThumbnailPete Jacobs: 2012 Ironman World Champion
Following a brilliant World Championship performance during which Pete Jacobs cemented Australia’s long-standing grip on the Kona crown, we sat down with triathlon’s newest superstar to hear more about his memorable day. Australian Triathlete: You’re known for your run speed and a lot was made in advance of the race about the possibility of you running a record-setting marathon. However
Chrissie Wellington all smiles THUMBChrissie Wellington: All Smiles!
One name noticeably absent from the Kona start list this year will be four-time world champion and Ironman world record holder Chrissie Wellington. We caught up with triathlon’s smiling assassin to find out how she is spending her sabbatical. If you think Chrissie Wellington has been sitting idly on the sidelines during her hiatus from competition, think again. One look
Kona 2012 Predictions thumbKona 2012 Predictions
Defending champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander is the undisputed favourite at Kona this year but will the three time winner have what it takes to triumph once again over a stacked field? Eight time Kona veteran Mitch Anderson investigates. MEN PREDICTIONS As with any year other in Kona, there are really only five contenders. Well, strictly speaking, that’s not 100 per
A-Day-in-the-Life-Matty-White_ThumbA Day in the Life: Matty White
Matty White is one of the most consistent long course triathletes on the circuit. He’s chalked up podium finishes in his past seven races, second place at Ironman WA 2010, 2nd at Challenge Cairns 2011, 2nd at Busselton 70.3, 2011 & 2012 and fourth at Ironman Cairns this year. Here, Matty walks us through the twenty-four hours before an Ironman.
What's Next Thumb10/10 Challenge
In our third installment of the 10/10 CHALLENGE we catch up  with Luke McKenzie who has faced an unfortunate setback in the form of a back injury, while pro surfer Clint Kimmins lets us in on the story behind the successful completion of his first Ironman. Welcome to another installment of the 10/10 Challenge - a friendly competition where professional surfer